Kitesurf in Lagoinha

Lets practice or leanr kitesurf in a very cool place with cols lagoons and small waves. Perfect to practice downwind and with our team you don't need to worry about the technical problems.

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Kite Ceará Company

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We are a kitesurf school with a bar to make the experience of extrangers in Brazil awesome!

Kitesurf courses

We have a team in a beautiful beach from Ceará to teach you how to sail with kite in lagoons and in the sea!

Forget all your worries

With Kite Ceará you don't need to worry about hotels, places to eat, or about equipment, we provide everything for you to have the best travel as possible.

Let's go have some fun

Book a travel experience with us, and you’ll have a great experience learning kite in an incredible place!

Kite café

We have a very cool place to relax and to drink something good on the beach. In Kite café we can help you with translated menus and multilingual people supporting and make a better experience abroad. Here your experience matters!

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Kite School

We have experienced teachers to help you with basic or advanced lessons, we also offer a lot of services to support the lessons as transport or equipments. We also have a perfect lagoon to sail.

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The region of Lagoinha is a cool place to the practice of downwind and we can provide all the tools, transport and support team for your safety. Come with us, lets have some cool experiences with kitesurf!

Lagoinha beach

Lagoinha is a great beach in Ceará for practice of sports like kite and surf, with a big lagoon and a long season of strong winds and sun. Come with us to have some lessons of kitesurf!


We have a good season of winds that starts in June and goes to December/January with 20 to 26 knots/h in the right direction for the practice of kitesurfing.