Donkey kite lagoon

Is a famous lagoon from Lagoinha with salty water, is frequented by practitioners of kitesurf since it has no waves and isn't so deep, perfect for beginners. Beyond be a perfect place to practice sports this place has an incredible sunset.

Almécegas lagoon

This lagoon is for who wants to relax, with some good restaurants, hammocks inside the water and a comfortable place to drowse after the dinner, perfect to go with family.

Buggy rides

There are a lot of places to go with buggys and the ride is made with a professional driver who knows the areas and rides around the lagoons of Lagoinha and some dunes, some great places to take pictures.

Quadribike ride

The quadribike ride is a ride where you can drive the vehicle and you can ride in a big place delimited by some flags in the area and you can ride in the dunes too.

Fishing raft ride

Lagoinha also has an aquatic ride where you can go inside a fishing raft and feel the experience of professional fishers in the sea. The ride goes some kilometer in side the sea and in the return you can be pulled with a buoy.